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Production issues with 3D content tageting cinema, TV, and mobile devices

Abstract : As 3D TV and 3D cinema are at the extremes of the screen size spectrum, issues are unavoidable when trying to use them to present the same content. Differences between screen sizes and viewing distances can be huge. As both parameters dictate how to create content, it is difficult to fulfill the requirements of TV and cinema with the same content. These issues are explained together with some ways to overcome them and to reach the best compromise.

Author : Benoit Michel

The paper has been presented at 3D StereoMedia 2009.

Download the .pdf document here (right click and save).

3D according to Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw is the UK company Light Illusion founder. Light Illusion operation came into being as a direct result of market needs and requirements as it became obvious there was precious little digital film experience, specifically within the new and growing world of Digital Intermediate. Light Illusion is now in India too and is more and more involved in 3D.


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Stereoscopy related white papers

Four interesting white papers surfaced recently; they are excellent to understand 3D fundamentals, even if they are not so new. The files below are in .pdf format, so right-click on the links below and save the files for later reading.

The TYZX "3D industrial vision" white paper is here.

The "Business and technology of stereoscopic film making" by AutoDesk is here.

The "Camera calibration and stereo vision" by Peter Hillman is here. (2005, but maths don't change frequently...)

The Vizcan paper "3D Passive levels of visualisation" is here.


Common Stereoscopic methods

DzignLight Studios is a Visual FX and 3D animation studio based in Atlanta, Goergia, USA. Besides a large 3D experience based on years of producing 3D content and converting 2D to 3D, they offer a nice page comparing the various 3D display methods commonly used today: Polarized, Shutter glasses, Head mounted, Anaglyph (incl. the special Dolby case), Lenticular, and side-by-side.

Go to the full comparison table here. The same page features the DzignLight Studios 3D demo reel.

3D Vision Blog

3D Vision Blog is subtitled "A normal user's look into the world of 3D stereo technologies" ;and it is exactly that: A nice source of useful info on 3D consumer equipment and techniques. Based in Bulgaria (Europe), this blog was created by Anton Belev in June 2009.