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Stereoscopy News Newsletter Issue #3

Issue # 03           08  Sep 2009

Stereoscopy News is releasing its firsts newsletters

The StereoscopyNews Newletter is born. We expect to publish a one-page newsletter and distribute it by email to our subscribers every week.Privacy is highly ranked at StereoscopyNews so subscribers can be sure that their names and emails will not be redistributed to any external company and will only be used to send the newsletter.

Foreword from the editor

Anybody may register for free. Just browse our website at www.stereoscopynews.comand subscribe. Our audience is actually quite small but we are expecting a steady growth in the next months. So, spread the word !
StereoscopyNews is published by Benoit Michel SNC, a Belgian consultant company working in the audiovisual sector. Information is everywhere and on the web. But Googling all possible sources is tiresome. So, why not just read the Stereoscopy Newsletter and reach the latest info about 3D? Most of our posted news are very short: one or two sentences usually followed by a link to an external website where
extensive in formation is given. All published news will stay available on our web site. A 'Hot News' menu with many categories gives access to the news in a classical Blog format.

D-Cinema Day at IBC 2009

Monday, September 14th is officially D-Cinema Day at IBC 09, and in the morning the focus will be firmly on stereoscopic 3D for the cinema. Chaired by 3D film producer and session architect Phil Streather, CEO of pioneering giant-screen movie production company Principal Large Format, the morning’s programme will guide delegates through the complete process of 3D movie-making; from pre-visualization, through stereo 3D acquisition and on to stereo 3D editing.

Talks by reknown experts are expected, including Bernard Mendiburu (Meet the Robinsons), Ken Schafer (Innoventive Software), Steve Schklair (3ality), and many others.


Read the details here.

Record 2009 Summer Box Office due to 3D

Summer 2009 was the biggest ever at the worldwide box office. Estimates are 7% above the 2008 level. US revenues are 4,000 M$ and the rest of the world totalises around 5,800 M$. So we are close to the 10 Billion USD this summer. Big animation blockbusters such as "Ice Age 3D" helped (640 M$ at the end fo August). Conclusion by a Hollywood pundit : "3D works! Let's continue." Read the report by Pamela McClintock in Variety.


Peter Jackson : the next one under way

Film director Peter Jackson is testing experimental 3D aerial footage in New Zealand as part of testing whether the technology could be used for his remake of the Dam Busters. The Lord Of The Rings director told The Daily Telegraph he wants to use new technology to make bombs leap out at the audience in his re-imagining of the 1954 classic war film. Jackson said: "I think a World War II bombing raid in 3D would be neat.". As you know, Peter Jackson is involved with its WETA studion in the AVATAR adventure, so we are sure this 'Dambusters' will be great. See the details published by TVNZ here.
The original Dam Busters from 1955 is described here on IMDB.


3D Entertainment Summit in L.A. 16-17 Sep 2009

This year 3DES is chaired by Jeffrey Katzenberg. The Summit is held at the Hilton L.A. / Universal City, CA,USA. Access the event website here.


We may recommend the panel session at 16:25pm (wednesday 16 Sep 09) about 3D Alternate Content- Live Events, Music and Sports. And don't miss the thursday afternoon with a panel about 3D to the home and another on Blu-ray 3D . Featured speakers are certainly top notch: besides J.K., you will also hear Michael Lewis (RealD), Sandy Climan (3ality), Charlotte Jones (Screen Digest), and many others...

Panasonic 3D Production System

Panasonic Corporation announced at the last NAB in April that it will start developing a professional 3D Full HD production system. The system, which is expected to be the first of its kind in the industry, consists of a twin-lens P2 professional camera recorder and a 3D-compatible High Definition Plasma display. Expect a preview in Amsterdam this month at IBC 2009. Prices are yet unannounced.

Read the paper in HDTV Origin here.


X-Games 3D

X-Games: the Movie is a long demo reel of spectacular extreme tricks by Travis Pastrana and his friends, but don't look here for a thrilling scenario. Entertainment Weekly has only moderately appreciated. See their paper here.

The IMDB usual details are here.

A nice 3D Projection tutorial (in French)

The French MANICE web site is a mine of information about digital cinema.


You will find a nice tutorial on how to shoot and project  in 3D here.

Titanic 3D

James Cameron confirmed that he will follow the lead of other directors, like George Lucas, who's promised to re-release the three original Star Wars movies, and Tim Burton, who's practically cornered the 3-D market .

A spectacular ship and the no less spectacular body of Kate Winslet will soon poke through a 3D screen near you... Read the paper in Newsweek here or refresh your Titanic knowledge on IMDB here.


Invincible Tiger: The Legend Of Han Tao by Namco / Blitz Arcade

The first 3D console game is there! It was released August 26, 2009 on Xbox Live Arcade and August 27 on the Playstation Network.. To really use it in 3D (I mean with better quality than with anaglyph glasses), you will need a fast HDMI LCD or Plasma TV set. Read more about this 3D game in Joystiq or on the official website of Namco.

3D Transatlantic live transmission at IBC2009

BC2009 will see the first transatlantic HD 3D broadcast, using  3Ality technology. On Sunday 14 September, Elizabeth Daley of the USC School of Cinematic Arts will interview DreamWorks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg while he sits in LA. Jeffrey will discuss the issue of stereoscopic 3D movies, which have been taking the cinema world by storm once again, multiplying box office revenues in 3D  theatres.  3D Live transmissions is more challenging. Thanks to 3Ality Digital, a company based in LA, the interview will be photographed on multi-camera stereoscopic equipment and packaged for delivery by satellite service company Arqiva to Amsterdam.

Read the IBC press release here. Also at IBC, the broadcast equipmentmanufacturer EVS is presenting the first ever live HD 3D replay and slow motion solution available. The leaflet presenting the solution is available here in pdf.



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