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Archived newsletters

StereoscopyNews Issue #07


Stereoscopy News Newsletter Issue #7         06 Oct 2 009

3D Phones Without Special Glasses

3M's Optical Systems Division has announced that it has developed a new, field sequential 3D optical film called "Vikuiti" for handheld devices - enabling true auto stereoscopic 3D viewing on mobile phones without the need for special glasses.


Sony 3D single lens camera

At the next CEATEC in Japan (6-10 Oct 2009), Sony will unveil a new single camera 3D recording device using a set of internal mirrors and shooting both images through a single lens.


CAD/CAM on your 3D screen ?

Many CAD/CAM applications would immediately benefit from your brand new 3D compatible display, provided you install the required software. This missing bit of technology exists ! The German team at More3D are selling it and announced several new features in the new 5.5 version of MoreStereo DX/GL.


Stereoscopic Subtitles Guide, the authors of the Stereoscopic Player software published a very interesting page explaining how to insert subtitles in your 3D movies produced for the Stereoscopic Player format. The guide also explains how to produce *.sub subtitles files recognizable by subtitle software such as Subtitle Workshop (a freeware tool).


Stereoscopic Player 1.5 released Stereoscopic Player.version 1.5. This new version supports Windows 7 and features new anaglyph formats. This version also fixes some poor contrast issues with decoders that output TUT2 or UYVY format.


2D to 3D conversion is a true business

Some may think that 3D making from 2D movies or still images is not a viable business.Nothing is so far from reality! Googling "2D to 3D conversion" brings more than 150,000 references.


Toy Story 3D premiere

October 2, 1999 : Premiere day for Toy story 1 & 2 in 3D ! The new Digital Disney 3-D re-released movies are visible in selected 3D cinemas for a limited time only. Read the paper in the independent here.



Point and shoot in 3D with the Fuji Finepix

The first point and shoot 3D camera for you and me is on the market now! Fuji released this last iteration of its Finepix camera line with two objectives.


PS3 firmware update means 3D for all

According to Sony at IFA2009, a firmware update will bring stereoscopic display support to the PS3 at some point in 2010. The update is supposed to work with any 3D ready TV, regardless of its technology. Read the Gizmondo paper here.