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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 3D Theater Awards

On Monday 30 January 2017, a selection of thirty-one 3D films were showcased at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel near San Francisco as part of the 28th annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference 3D Theater Session.  The judges were: Dan Sandin, Eric Kurland, Chris Ward.

Best-of-Show Live-Action Award: “From Great Depths 3D – Witnessing the Wrecks of HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran” 

Best-of-Show Animation Award: “Chrysalis" (poster here under)

 Chrysalis 520x

Full list of 3D content exhibited at SD&A

Competition Category

  1. "Anisomatropia (aka Segovia All Over Ya)" – Chris Casady (USA)
  2. "BoooM" – Alonso Benavente Fortes (Canada, Peru, Ecuador)
  3. "Chrysalis" – Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez (Singapore)
  4. "From Great Depths 3D – Witnessing the Wrecks of HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran" – Western Australian Museum and Curtin University (Australia)
  5. "Half & Half" – John Hart (USA)
  6. "Hidden Worlds in 3D" – Robert Bloomberg (USA)
  7. "Little Red Dot" – Chanel Samson (USA)
  8. "Lost Memories" – Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)
  9. "Microscapes" – John Hart (USA)
  10. "Mind the Gap" – Karel Bata (UK)
  11. "Mower Minions" – Bruno Chauffard and Glenn McCoy (USA)
  12. "Reggae Temple 2015" – Fabien Remblier (France)
  13. "Sing China 2016" – Percy Fung (China)
  14. "Tenderness" – Wacław Mikłaszewski (Poland)
  15. "Terracotta Warriors 3D" – Percy Fung (China)
  16. "The First Stars" – Ralf Kaehler and Tom Abel (KIPAC/SLAC) (USA)
  17. "The Simple Carnival – Smitten" – Jeff Boller (USA)
  18. "Through Worlds and Meanings" – Aleksey Osipenkov (Russia)
  19. "’Until Jesse 3D’ with Technical Voiceover" – Miriam Ross, Aaron Lewis, Rebecca Stuart, Morgan Fowler, Steph Miller, Henry Bennison, Paul Wolffram, and Neil Dodgson (New Zealand)
  20. "3Deee Mirrors" – Franklin Londin (USA)

Demonstration Category

  1. "Cinema Bonus Card" – Giorgi Tavartkiladze and Elia Pharsadanishvili (Georgia)
  2. "Finding Dory" – Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
  3. "Habitus" – Peter Rose (USA)
  4. "Harmony Lane (from 1954)" – 3-D Film Archive, LLC (UK)
  5. "Journey to Space" – Giant Screen Films and K2 Communications (USA)
  6. "Piper" – Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
  7. "September Storm (from 1960)" – 3-D Film Archive, LLC (USA)
  8. "Some Stereo Drawing Machines" – Sylvain Arnoux (France)
  9. "The Adventures of Sam Space (from 1955)" – 3-D Film Archive, LLC (USA)
  10. "The Good Dinosaur" – Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
  11. "The Holland Biunnel" – Peter Rose (USA)

About SD&A

The annual Stereoscopic Displays & Applications (SD&A) conference is the world's premier conference for 3D innovation. It is the largest and longest–running technical conference dedicated to the discussion of stereoscopic 3D imaging topics. The next conference will run January 29 – 31, 2018 near San Francisco, CA,USA.

The SD&A conference is part of the International Symposium on Electronic Imaging organized by the technical society IS&T. The SD&A conference program includes a range of exciting and useful special sessions, as well as research-based oral and poster presentations dedicated to stereoscopic imaging topics. Special sessions include keynote presentations and live demonstrations of stereoscopic displays and applications.

The Next SD&A

The next SD&A conference will run January 29 – 31, 2018 near San Francisco, CA,USA. Details at

Source: SDA Press Release.