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Future Glasses-free 3D TV will Require 330 Mpixels Display Panels

According to NHK, 8K is the last 2D flat image format we will ever see. After that, all future formats will be 3D -and without any glasses- but the technology will require a very large number of pixels on the display panels, closer to 330 megapixels than to any lower value. We are thus awaiting eagerly the emergence of ten times better display panels. Don't hold your breath, it may take some 15 years...

 superhivision 250px


NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Japan) is the leading developer of ultra-high-definition formats and claims that true three-dimensional autostereoscopic pictures require resolutions simply impossible to reach today. And they say that for 2D images, 8K (7320*4320) resolution is maximum that will be ever needed.

 The actual NHK Super-Hi-Vision displays offer 7680*4320 pixels and 22.2 sound (16 times the image resolution of our "Full HD" TV sets).

"Future integral 3D will take 10 to 100 times as many as that” said Mr. Hamasaki, senior research engineer at NHK science & technology research laboratories.

NHK 2D Super-Hi-Vision Demonstrated in Cannes

A 8K format demo was on display at the Cannes festival where  "Beauties à la carte" was projected on a 220" giant screen at the Hotel Majestic Barrière on May 16, 2103.

Source: XBitLabs (a paper by Anton Shilov).