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Blu-ray 3D is Slowly Repaced by 4K Ultra-HD

Aalongside the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 is a Blu-ray 3D stereoscopic version. Interestingly, Disney has opted not to mirror the US and release an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray edition, but to stick with 3D as its premium format for the release. But this is maybe one of the last survivors of the Blu-ray 3D age....

 Whilst 3D continues to battle on in cinemas, there are signs that the 3D disc format is very slowly drying up.

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TV makers Giving Up

Big companies have been giving up the fight. In 2016, Samsung dropped 3D support from its television range. LG and Sony stopped doing so at the start of this year. It’s smaller manufacturers who are keeping the proverbial flag flying. In broadcast television, Sky 3D was made available in 2010, but all but quietly retired in 2015.


Figures for 3D Blu-ray sales aren’t often made available, but they do – when they surface – paint a picture of a very niche format. At the peak of the format, average sales for a Blu-ray 3D version were around the 15% mark. Now the average is more around 3%.

4K is Rising...

For the last couple of years, 3D Blu-rays have been the high-end release of a blockbuster film in the home. Now, though, that’s been usurped by Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, which tends to offer a more notable upgrade.

But 3D is not dead!

Hollywood is a machine that’s powered by cash, and should the likes of Cars 3 in 3D suddenly shift an awful lot of copies – and we gather it’s a very impressive 3D transfer – then support will continue.

Source: DenOfGeek.