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Viva3D Autostereoscopic VR Scene Manager by Viewpoint3D

Viva3D  by Viewpoint3D :  A new concept in 3D CG audiovisual content enables the instant editing and rendering of highly detailed 3D scenes on low-cost computers for 24x7 use. Using a Virtual Reality 3D editor, you can instantly create animated content with complex models (20MB-1GB) that auto-update from external data, ideal for interactive stereoscopic 3D, autostereoscopic digital signage, airport displays, and much more.

Viewpoint3D software directly drives Autostereoscopic and holographics screens and is completely free to all non-profit organisations, including students.

 viva3D by Viewpoint3D 320px

3D Creation MadeEasy

In this clip, a 240 MB 3D mesh of a detailed private jet's interior is loaded into the ViewPoint-3D real-time content editor. The process of loading the 3D file into an object, setting the environment, lighting and shadows, and materials using a fast drag-n-drop approach is demonstrated. ViewPoint 3D software can load models from any standard software package, including 3D Studio Max, Sketchup and Maya, allowing complex scenes to be rendered instantly that include live data, video and external data or event-controlled elements at any 3D scene level.

Light-weight 3D Engine

The software is designed for desktop and embedded use, where the display of interactive and data-driven 3D presentations is a requirement. Viva3D is a light-weight 3D engine that can be run on low-cost hardware, including embedded single-chip devices, with Linux, Android or Windows.

Professionnal Looking 3D Presentations

ViewPoint-3D (brochure) you can instantly produce professional-looking 3D presentations, advertising, Digital Signage and even complete worlds like never before seen, with stunning 3D effects. You can still produce 2D content, but the VR design environment enables you to create content without the restrictions of legacy methods.

More Info

For more info, visit ViewPoint3D.