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Have Ultra-D and SeeCubic Discovered the 3DTV Holy Grail?

"The death of 3DTV has been annouced a bit prematurely" could we say after watching the new glasses-free Ultra-D stereoscopic TV. Conclusion of the first demos: we don't like 3D glasses, but we positively LOVE 3D TV without any...

And 3D effects are not exactly to your taste, with Ultra-D you can crank depth effects from 0 to 200% on the remote.

Ultra-D is the brainchild of SeeCubic a Eindhoven (the Netherlands) based company close to Philips and Dimenco. Watch the video here under to learn more.

SeeCubic 250px

Video Demo

The Huffington Post said: "It was Spectacular".

How It Works

In this no-glasses 3D TV of the future, incoming stereoscopic TV signals are reprocessed by a set-top box or smart TV into Ultra-D format, and then displayed on a special hi-res LED or OLED screen that has a four-layer optical stack bonded to the front.

ultrad-opticalal-layer 420px

Actually, for the demo, a standard desktop PC processes the video stream and creates the multiple views and pixel reshuffling needed by new screen. However, Vancouver-based Intrinsyc Software International is developing a set-top box board based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Toshiba HDMI conversion chipsets that could replace the demo PC.

ultrad-optical-system 420px

The demo system screen is a 50-inches Ultra-D 2160P-SC (2160 x 3840 pixels, or 4K) with a four layers optical device in front. The resulting image is more or less equivalent to a Full HD one, but with excellent depth vsile without any special 3D glasses. Mathu Raja, CEO of Stream TV Networks, says the system works with any HMDI 1.4 3D video stream, including from Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 games consoles. SeeCubic's CEO Walther Roelen says that the company is also developing a 31.5-inch monitor for the gaming market.

Read also what we said one year ago.

About SeeCubic

SeeCubic do research, development and industrialization on glasses-free 3D digital display technology which is called and trademarked as Ultra-D.

SeeCubic is a subsidiary of StreamTVNetworks based in the Netherlands, close to Philips and Dimenco.

Source: ZDNet, SeeCubic.