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Vizio 55" Autostereoscopic 3D Proof-of-Concept

 Cnet brings back from CES2013 a nice video preview of the 55 inches no-glasses 3D TV by VIZIO (Irvine, CA, USA). Watch it here under.

vizio-3D-autostereoscopic-55inches 250px

Vizio 5" at CES 2013

Some Progress Needed...

On the Plus Side

First, you aren't confined to one sweet spot. With the VIZIO TV, there are nine. As you move around the screen in a semi-circle, the picture pops in and out of 3D, akin to pulling a lens in and out of focus. If you're not in a sweet spot, the picture doesn't completely blur and fuzz outb ut just flattens out into flat 2D.

Second, the system don't require any special content above and beyond the stereoscopic 3D video already available.

On the Minus Side

On Vizio's prototype, the picture is considerably less sharp than on other high-definition or "with glasses" 3D stereoscopic displays. On-screen lines and fuzziness are pretty noticeable, and 3D effects doesn't always pop like you'd want it.

When will it be available?

Neverthheless, glasses-free technology is closer and closer to market. We've seen it in small devices such as the Nintendo 3DS console and various cameras viewfinders, but it is our first time with in a full-size 55" TV set. The market will have to wait a couple of years for the next incremental step in quality. Vizio is expected on the market in 2015. By then, it will be significantly improved: Vizio is already talking about displays with 28 'sweet spots' instead of nine, thanks to the availability of 4K display panels (insted of the actual 2K ones). Check Vizio in the next months to learn more. Vizio is in Wikipedia.

Source: CNN, Vizio.