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The first Appstore iPhone 3D application is here

Apparently the first holographic application with stereoscopic graphics is available on the iPhone. You can use standard red/cyan 3D glasses to experience visual 3D immersion with this game. The demo is watchable here on Youtube. As the viewpoint is changing when you move the phone (so the 'holographic' word in the description), it is kind of unbelievable !


Diorama is a fresh take on the marble genre where you have to fight gravity to strive upwards. The action is rendered holographically, that is, the projection adjusts correctly to the angle of the screen. Using standard red/cyan 3d glasses the game can also be played with stereoscopic rendering creating a depth illusion that is truly hard to believe.

This game is NOT free, but the price is 0.99$, so why not try (The AppStore link is here) ?

The author is Finn Ericson from Dromsynt. Have a look on their web site here.