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Cameron's 10 Rules for Good Stereo

We published the 10 Commandments of Stereoscopy here from the beginning. But we are not alone.... James Cameron himself has clear ideas on what to do to avoid headaches for its cinema audience. 3DCinecast published the "Cameron's 10 Rules for Good Stereo" in July 2009. Here under you will find a summary ot the 10 rules.

 james-cameron-3d 250px

Here is the summary on the ten rules edicted by the great James Cameron:

 1 There is no screen

 2 Stereo is very subjective

 3 Analyzing stereospace on freeze frames can be misleading

 4 Convergence CANNOT fix stereo-space problems

 5 Convergence is almost always set on the eyes of the actor talking

 6 Interocular distance varies in direct proportion to subject distance from the lensshots

 7 Interocular and convergence should both vary dynamically throughout moving shots

 8 In a composite, the foreground and background may want to have different interoculars

 9 When stereo looks bad to the eye (visual cortex) it is important to eliminate the problems sequentially:

      Sync, reverse stereo, Vertical mismatch, color/density mismatch, render errors, highlights, image warping, vibrations

10 Some shots just can't be fixed


Read all ten rules in greater details in the 3Dcinecast paper from Olivier Amato on July 27, 2009.

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