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37 Stereoscopic Conference Videos are Online

Each year the world's leading innovators in stereoscopic displays and applications gather in California with inspiring results. The "Stereoscopic Displays and Applications" (SD&A) delivers deep insights from the latest research and development of all forms of stereoscopic 3D capture, processing, display, and perception. The conference was held in January 2012 in San Francisco, and now almost half of those really interesting state-of-the-art communications are available for free in video format (some in stereoscopic 3D). Follow the links here under.

SD&A presentations from innovators around the world were recorded thanks to the video experts at River Valley TV. All communications are also available in text format on the SPIE web site, but not for free (downloadable pdf: 18$, printed paper: 24$ each). You may also want to to buy the whole proceedings volume including 92 manuscripts and 1,006 pages for 120/160$.

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Online Video Communications from SDA-XXIII

If you want to watch all the video communications here under, plan your session carefully: the total duration of the 37 talks here under amounts to over 12 hours! And amond them, 20 minutes are in stereoscopic 3D (watch that one directly here under). This impressive collection of stereoscopic 3D topical talks provides a valuable summary of the SD&A conference presentations for those that weren’t able to attend the meeting, and also for those that did attend the meeting and would like a reminder of the presentations.  The 2012 SD&A conference was the biggest in the 23-year history of the conference, and making these presentations freely available to the 3D community is a good way to extend the reach of the conference.

 If you want to download some videos for further reference, tips and tricks on how to download YouTube videos are in this page.

  • Stereoscopic desktop VR system for tele-maintenance, 20 minutes (video)
  • Panasonic’s Stereoscopic 3D Technologies, Standardization and Business Strategy, 49 minutes (video)
  • Angle-sensitive pixels: a new paradigm for low-power, low-cost 2D and 3D sensing, 21 minutes (video)
  • Polarizing aperture stereoscopic cinema camera, 16 minutes (video)
  • Dual-pupil 3D imaging system through complementary multiband bandpass filters: modeling to reduce color rivalry and characterization of the depth range, 22 minutes (video)
  • Unassisted 3D camera calibration, 17 minutes (video)
  • Auto convergence for stereoscopic 3D mobile cameras, 18 minutes, (video)
  • Beyond parallax barriers: applying formal optimization methods to multi-layer automultiscopic displays, 21 minutes (video)
  • Implementation and analysis of an autostereoscopic display using multiple liquid crystal layers, 16 minutes (video)
  • Focus mis-match detection in stereoscopic content, 16 minutes (video)
  • 2D-to-3D image conversion: leveraging 3D data on the net, 19 minutes (video)
  • 3D cinema to 3DTV content adaptation, 19 minutes (video)
  • Video retargeting for stereoscopic content under 3D viewing constraints, 20 minutes (video)
  • The past, present, and future of YouTube3D, by Pete Bradshaw and Debargha Mukherjee from Google, 58 minutes (video)
  • Crosstalk reduces the amount of depth seen in 3D images of natural scenes, 16 minutes (video)
  • Method and simulation to study 3D crosstalk perception, 18 minutes (video)
  • Reproducibility of crosstalk measurements on active glasses 3D LCD displays based on temporal characterization, 22 minutes (video)
  • Crosstalk and brightness in projection-based, multi-view systems, 15 minutes (video)
  • How much crosstalk can be allowed in a stereoscopic system at various grey levels? , 25 minutes (video)
  • Apparent stereo: the Cornsweet illusion can enhance perceived depth, 20 minutes (video)
  • Perceived depth of multi parallel, overlapping, transparent, stereoscopic surfaces, 21 minutes (video)
  • Diagnosing perceptual distortion present in group stereoscope viewing, 16 minutes (video)
  • Visual discomfort and the timing of vergence-accommodation conflicts, 16 minutes (video)
  • Measuring 3D discomfort from vertical and torsional disparities in natural images, 18 minutes (video)
  • Visual fatigue versus eye-movements, 19 minutes (video)
  • Visual discomfort with stereo 3D displays when the head is not upright, 17 minutes (video)
  • More Words and Bigger Pictures, 49 minutes (video)
  • Case study: the introduction of stereoscopic games on the Sony PlayStation 3, 20 minutes. Watch in FullHD 3D here above! (3D video)
  • Stereoscopic 3D video games and their effects on engagement, 19 minutes (video)
  • Stereoscopic display in a slot machine, 17 minutes (video)
  • YouDash3D: exploring stereoscopic 3D gaming for 3D movie theaters, 18 minutes (video)
  • Thinking in z-space: flatness and spatial narrativity, 21 minutes (video)
  • Investigating the cross-compatibility of IR-controlled active shutter glasses, 16 minutes (video)
  • New high-brightness interference filter developments, 18 minutes (video)
  • Real-world stereoscopic performance in multiple-focal-planes displays: how far apart should the image planes be?, 22 minutes (video)
  • An eyeglass-like, eye-tracked, optical see-through, head-mounted display using freeform optics, 22 minutes (video)
  • Optimization of a multi-view system based on pulsed LED-LCD projectors, 15 minutes (video)

About the SD&A Conference

The 23rd annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference was held 23-25 January 2012 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel.

The SD&A conference is the world’s premier conference for 3D innovation. At this year's conference over 90 technical manuscripts were presented covering a wide range of stereoscopic imaging topics. The SD&A conference is held annually as part of the Electronic Imaging Symposium organized by IS&T and SPIE.

Next year the 24th annual SD&A conference will be held in February 2013 again at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel.

Official Links

The conference page with the 37 video links is on At the same location you will find links to download the text versions (at some cost).