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"Evolution (Megaplex)", 3D jewel from the Sundance Festival

The most exciting film at the Sundance Film Festival (19-29 Jan 2012, Sundance, Utah, USA) is presented at the fest’s New Frontier exhibition space and is named “Evolution (Megaplex)”. Created by Marco Brambilla, director of "Demolition Man" in 1993, this large-scale installation is extraordinary.

It’s a stereoscopic 3D video collage which plays onscreen in a 3-minutes loop offering a wild abundance of arresting images and segments from 30 films at any given moments. Viewers will recognize "King Kong," "Ghandi," the parting of the Red Sea from "The Ten Commandments," John Wayne in “The Searchers,” Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry clothes, and Elvis Presley in “Jailhouse Rock". Parts of this work are visibel in the video here under.

Evolution-megaplex-3D 250px

Video Excerpt (in 2D)

Evolution (Megaplex)

Evolution is the second in a series of large scale video collages and the first work to be executed in stereoscopic 3D. The history of humankind is illustrated as a vast side-scrolling video mural depicting the spectacle of human conflict across time through the lens of cinema. The source material is genre film; the samples are looped and combined in a remix that seamlessly moves through past, present, and future providing a satirical take on the bombast of the big-budget "epic."

Marco Brambilla

Visit Marco Brambilla's website to learn more about the rest of his work.

Source: read the LATimesBlog for more about “Evolution (Megaplex)”. Visit also the Sundance Festival (19-29 January 2012).