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Video reports from DIMENSION3

Franck Montagné from Image & Magie (France) did a great job of documenting the DIMENSION3 exhibition and conference in Paris last month. The wen link here under gives us the opportunity to do a virtual visit of the exhibition. Most of the videos are in French, but the two about the MISTIKA demo are in English too.


You will find on the Image & Magie web site:

  • 2 videos about MISTIKA 3D stereoscopic options (in French)
  • 2 videos about MISTIKA 3D stereoscopic options (in English)
  • A presentation of the light ARRI M, a camera  well suited for 3D rigs
  • A Bernard Mendiburu interview
  • 3 Panasonic detailed products presentations (incl. lots of details about the 3DP1)
  • 3 Sony MPE 200 - 3D Box presentations
  • 3 Interviews with AMP, 3DeeCentral, and Parallel Cinema.
  • 2 Autodesk 3D products presentations
  • Demo of the Fraunhofer depthmap generator software (in English)
  • Demo of the MEDUZA stereoscopic protoype camera (in English)
  • Presentation of the "Livre Blanc de la 3DS" at  the Cannes festival (13 minutes on Dailymotion !)
  • The Paris FX conference about 3DS (1hour 41 minutes on Dailymotion !)

Watch the Dimension3 videos from the Image & Magie web site (3 to 10 minutes each):