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Why Not Try Virtual Reality Photography?

To make a virtual reality (3D VR) photograph, it is necessary to have a robotized system, capable of capturing a large number of photographs that are later stitched manually by means of specific softwares. The Baranano 2.0 pictured here is used for shooting, as explained by Javier Baranano himself on the web site. Watch the samples here under!

vrp 360x


It is the world’s first virtual reality photo camera. It is built following the instructions of a patent by Javier Barañano, has passed the “Beta” phase and works perfectly. It is a robotic system that in total captures 120 onmidirectional photographs per minute. Once the photographs have been edited, a stereo pair of equirectangular images is composed. When you see one of these photos on a GEAR VR, the feeling is one of total immersion. Inside the photo, the measurements, sizes and distances are the same as at a glance. There are no stitching mistakes, no black holes, no patches,  the nadir is at the right height,  and without  “Stereo Ghost´s”. By not finding any kind of mistake in the composition, our brain comes to believe that it is in the real world, and everyone tries to walk as they forget that they are inside a stereoscopic photograph.


The Baranano samples page is here. Even without a Gear VR, you will be able to appreciate 360° VR photographs such as this one.

vrp2 640x

More Info

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