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HypeVR: Impressive Volumetric 360° 3D Video

This week we were able to follow the first demos of the HypeVR technology, a depth-mapped, volumetric video system that lets VR users move in, out and around the captured scene. The proprietary capture rig is using 14 6K Red Dragon cameras, a proprietary LIDAR reak-time scanner and includes Google Tango technology for viewer tracking. Their first footage is now visible; watch it here under.

HypeVR 640px

The Demo


How it Works

HypeVR’s proprietary system uses 14 Red Dragon, 6k Video Cameras rig-mounted to capture a 360° field of view. Recording at 60Hz currentlythe definition of the resulting footage, once stitched would probably be impressive enough in and of itself, but there’s more. HypeVR’s rig is extended to use a Velodyne LiDAR scanner, capable of capturing up to 700,000 points of 3D depth information every second at a range of up to 100M. A higher frame rate of 90 fps is planned in the coming months.

Seamless 360°

HypeVR's patent pending process generates geometrically correct 360° footage that looks and feels real because the objects are not overly distorted as other 360° videos tend to be. Furthermore, it is more comfortable for viewing because the stereoscopic effect is geometrically correct.

Freedom of Movement

Utilizing dense 3d depth information along with our ultra high resolution images from the Red Dragon VR rig creates a live action VR scene that enables the viewer with the freedom to lean in, look around and do limited movement within the scene.

Lidar Scanner

Velodyne’s real-time LiDAR can record depth data at a range of 100 meters with incredible accuracy which allows for HypeVR’s VR capture system to work in any environment. Furthermore, since the HDL-32E is class 1 laser eye safe, it can be used in any setting with no danger of causing any potential eye damage to the subjects being filmed. 

More Info

Visit HYPEVR for more.