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Nanophotonic Coherent Imagers Are Super-accurate 3D Cameras

Is super accurate 3D scanning from a smartphone possible? It may be sson if this chip becomes mainstream...

Using an inexpensive silicon chip less than a millimeter square in size, the NCI (Nanophotonic Coherent Imager) provides the highest depth-measurement accuracy of any such nanophotonic 3-D imaging device. The work, done in the laboratory of Ali Hajimiri, the Thomas G. Myers Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, is described in the February 2015 issue of Optics Express.

camerachippr 320px
The micrometer-resolution image, taken from roughly half a meter (1.5 feet)
away, shows the height of a US penny at various points. Credit: Ali Hajimiri/Caltech

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3D Digital Glasses for Visually Impaired People

The DigiGlasses project aims to help this group of visually impaired people by providing them with a glasses like digital tool to convert the real view of the environment to a sharper, more focused picture by increasing contrast and using edge detection.

The plan is to develop a pair of digital stereoscopic "glasses" working with a camera chip, a signal processing unit and a small LCD or LED screen. The captured picture will be analyzed and processed based on the necessary corrections. One of the planned corrections is contrast increasing and edge detection which will help the visually impaired recognize the different objects in their surroundings.

digiglasses 320px

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Will an Audi RS7 Lap the Hockenheim at 149 mph With Driver Replaced by 3D Cameras?

Audi has released a new teaser video that previews their RS7 piloted driving concept. Described as the "world’s sportiest piloted driving car," the concept will be demonstrated on the Hockenheim at the DTM season finale on October 19, 2014. Watch the video teaser here under.

audi 320px

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The 6th Report on 3D Video Quality Analysis is Available

Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) has published its 6th report about 3D stereoscopic video quality. This report addresses only stereo  window violation and floating window use. The 415pages report checked the following feature movies: The Amazing Spiderman , The Three Musketeers , Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , Dolphin Tale  , Drive Angry ,  The Avengers , John Carter , G-Force , Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter , and Clash of the Titans .


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University of West England 3D CCTV Technology

The University of West England (UWE) in UK  announced last month a new government-funded study to develop 3D imaging technology to make it easier to identify suspicious objects from a long way off.

CCTV 320px

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