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Toshiba Announces a Monocular 2D+Depth Camera

Last month, Toshiba announced  at The 22nd Symposium on Sensing via Image Information (SSII2016) a new method to create 3D images from a monocular camera. A clever set of color filters blurs a certain range of colors in the image, allowing an immage processing algorithm to compute a depth map. Details here under.

Toshiba3D 640px

How it works

According to Toshiba, "By attaching a proprietary color aperture filter consisting of blue and yellow filters to the lens aperture, a combination of blur and color shift occurs, and this combination depends on the distance to the object. Distance to the object is detected for each pixel through image analysis from the blur and color deviation obtained within a single photographic image. Deterioration in the quality of the captured image is also suppressed, because this color filter allows transmission of green light, which has a higher contribution ratio to overall image brightness."

Toshiba3D 2 640px

What Next?

Toshiba's goal in the nea future is to miniaturize the camera and speed up image processing to achieve early applications use of this technology.

More Info

Read the full paper on the Toshiba (Japan) web site.