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2D Cameras Predict Your Biological Age

In a Nature Cell Research published study, Jing-Dong Han and colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai used a special camera, the 3dMDface System, to take 3D facial scans of 332 Chinese people.

face scan 320px

To date, few studies have used 3D images to analyze human facial aging. One study used 400 subjects between 0 and 50 years old to train a face growth model, which showed that the main component associated with face size changed greatly from 0 to 18 years of age with no significant changes in subjects older than 18 years.

To uncover facial features indicative of overall health and chronological age, the researchers collected 3D human facial images and blood profiles of > 300 subjects well-distributed across ages ranging from 17 to 77 years old, and generated the first comprehensive map of the aging human facial phenome by quantifying specific aging-related facial phenotypes from the image data.


The researchers also found that the participants' biological age could be predicted within an average range of 6 years of the person's actual chronological age. So people who were aged 30 years old were predicted to be within the range of 24 to 36 years of age by the computer.

Source: Cell Research (full paper incuding results), ScienceTimes.