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Praying Mantis Wears World's Smallest 3D Glasses and Goes to the 3D Movies

Jenny Reads and other scientists from Newcastle University created the world's smallest 3D glasses (5mm overall) to investigate stereoscopic 3D vision of the praying mantis, which is the only insect known to see in three dimensions. Mrs Read' laboratory didn't elaborate about who paid for the microsopic movie tickets or the 2£ surcharge...

Watch the mantis watch a 3D movie in the video here under!

Mantis-with-3D-glasses 250px

Research in Vision Science

In an experiment, the insect watch a film featuring CGI flies through its mini-3D glasses on a 3D screen. If the insect accurately pounces Low flying flies, it will prove that despite its simple nervous system, it can process the images in the same way as humans.

The experiment will determine if those insects can see the moving object standing out in depth in a similar way to humans and monkeys.

It is hoped the £1million research programme could give insight into 3D vision which could provide cheaper and less technical versions of the technology. 

“stereo vision is one of the glories of nature”

Jenny Reads is a Reader in Vision Science at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University, and a member of Newcastle’s Centre for Behaviour and Evolution. Her particular interest is “3D” or stereo depth perception, also known as stereopsis.

Visit JennyReadResearch for more info about the mantis research project.

Source: DailyMail.