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Oscam kills 3D headaches

OSCAM stands for "optimized stereoscopic camera control for interactive 3D". A paper from Thomas Oskam working for ETH Zurich and Disney Research Zurich (Switzerland) has been published in ACM Transactions on Graphics. Available for 15$ (or 10$ for ACM members), the paper describes a realtime method that can be implemented in a graphics card and reduces the stereoscopic disparities to an acceptable level in real time for any 3D content on any 3D screen, be it small or IMAX-size.



The OSCAM paper presents a controller for camera convergence and interaxial separation that specifically addresses challenges in interactivestereoscopic applications like games. In such applications, unpredictable viewer- or object-motion often compromises stereopsis due to excessive binocular disparities. We derive constraints on the camera separation and convergence that enable our controller to automatically adapt to any given viewing situation and 3D scene, providing an exact mapping of the virtual content into a comfortable depth range around the display. Moreover, we introduce an interpolation function that linearizes the transformation of stereoscopic depth over time, minimizing nonlinear visual distortions. We describe how to implement the complete control mechanism on the GPU to achieve running times below 0.2ms for full HD. This provides a practical solution even for demanding real-time applications. Results of a user study show a significant increase of stereoscopic comfort, without compromising perceived realism. Our controller enables 'fail-safe' stereopsis, provides intuitive control to accommodate to personal preferences, and allows to properly display stereoscopic content on differently sized output devices.


Thomas Oskam has many video demos of his past work on his web page.

Original paper

Buy the OSCAM paper for 15$ at the ACM Digital Library.

More info

More explanations can be found in an interesting paper on OSCAM in 3D Focus.