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Toshiba Announces a Monocular 2D+Depth Camera

Last month, Toshiba announced  at The 22nd Symposium on Sensing via Image Information (SSII2016) a new method to create 3D images from a monocular camera. A clever set of color filters blurs a certain range of colors in the image, allowing an immage processing algorithm to compute a depth map. Details here under.

Toshiba3D 640px

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First 3D Printed Human-Hair-Size Lens

In a paper published in Nature Photonics this June 27, 2016, Dr Timo Gissibl from Stuttgart University (Germany) and colleagues explain how they 3D printed a triple lens optical head directly on top of a optical fiber two times the size of a human hair. The lens and its optical fibre are thin enough to fit in the hollow of a syringe.

nanolens 640px

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Creating 3D Worlds From 2D pics

In the 'Harvest4D' research project, led by TU Wien (Austria), algorithms are developed that can be used to generate 3D worlds easily, using existing image data not necessarily collected for this purpose. Discover the shortcut from mobile phone picture to 3D VR worlds!

 3 transforming 640px 
Model created from 3D-scanner data and photographs. Credit: Vienna University of Technology

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"Freightliner Inspiration", a Semi-autonomous Truck with 3D Cameras

At a presentation atop the Hoover Dam, Freightliner and Daimler pulled the wraps off of their Freightliner Inspiration truck, the first self-driving commercial truck in the world to receive a full license to operate on public roads, at least in the State of Nevada, USA. The Freightliner Inspiration is still a test vehicle; don't expect to buy one before 2025!

 In hardware terms, the truck isn’t much different from the latest trucks and passenger cars Daimler is putting on the road. A stereoscopic camera reads lane lines. Short- and long-range radar scan the road up to 800 feet ahead for obstacles. No sensors face backward, because they’re not needed. There’s no vehicle-to-vehicle communication, no LIDaR. The software algorithms are adjusted versions of those developed for use in Mercedes-Benz’s autonomous vehicles. Video persentation here under.

truck 3Dcams 320px

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2D Cameras Predict Your Biological Age

In a Nature Cell Research published study, Jing-Dong Han and colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai used a special camera, the 3dMDface System, to take 3D facial scans of 332 Chinese people.

face scan 320px

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