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Interactive Humagrams are Closer than Ever to True 3D Holograms

 By projecting several images on stacked semi-transparent screens, ARHT ( Beverley Hills, CA,USA and Toronto, Canada) renders its Humagrams as lifelike as possible. The technology is not cheap as it requires a lot of supoer-bright projectors; so the first customers may be retail and entertainment pros instead of you and me... Video demo here under!

 ARHT 320px

Multiplane Visualisation Explained

The technology developed by ARHT uses multiplane visualization to make it possible to view what appears to be a 3D form. HumaGrams can’t technically be categorized as holograms because they are neither volumetric nor light-based. They are also not fully-formed such that they can be viewed from 360-degrees.

About ARHT Media

Founded by a small group of investors that includes singer Paul Anka, ARHT Media’s real-time holoporting idea is based on what it calls HumaGrams, holographic images of people who can communicate directly with others live, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

More Info

For details visit ARHTMedia.