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VoxieBox is licensing its "Princess Leia" Hologram Technology

After years of patent-pending research and development, the most breathtaking advance in 3D display technology is ready to leave the labs at VOXON (Adelaide, Australia and San Francisco, CA,USA). Voxiebox displays 3D objets in a rectangular volume (approximately one square footà with a resolution around 1,000 x 1,000 x 200 voxels. Objects are visible from all directions without any special glasses. Watch the video demo here under.

Voxiebox 320px
Gaming on a Voxiebox demonstrated at Avcon2015

Video Demo


How It Works

Voxiebox works by rapidly moving a flat screen up and down. An extremely fast projector projects 'slices' of light on to the screen as it moves. When it's moving fast, the screen blurs itself in to nothing and a fully animated volume of light remains, made up of the slices of light. VOXON's projector works at thousands of frames per second with only a few colours. They are experimenting with using multiple projectors to make up for the colour shortcoming.

Do you Want to Invest in VoxieBox?

VOXON is currently searching for venture capital funding to develop a commercial product. They recently received a $50,000 Venture Catalyst grant from the University of South Australia and the South Australian government. 

More Info

Voxiebox , the entirely new way to see digital media come alive in physical 3D. Conventional displays have a screen resolution described by an X and Y value, the Voxiebox adds a Z value, enabling you to see your data the same way that your computer stores it.

Voxiebox is now available for licensing and lease. Go to the VoxieBox web site for details. Voxiebox is licensed by Voxon.

Source: TheLeadSouthAustralia.