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LightSpace 3D Volumetric Displays Are Available Again

Long time readers may remember the 3D volumetric display developed by LightSpace Technologies (Latvia).  The company never found a solid market for its product and went out of business. But now, they are back with a new and more promising variant...

LightSpace 640x

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OTOY is a believer in Light Field technology from camera to VR headset. With similar ambitions but less money than Google/Magic Leap, the other Light Field pioneer, the small company is working in the Facebook/Oculus environment where they devised a sophisticated compression algorithm and a matching rendering tool. The proof of concept culminates in a transmission rate as low as 1.5 Mbs for a single actor lightfield, meaning video is easily streamable to a smartphone.

OTOY announced that their light field streaming technology will come to Gear VR in the next ORBX free VR Media Player app update. Demo here under.

LightField 640px

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Holoflex, the First Flexible Holographic Glasses-free 3D Display

The small screen here under is  first flexible lightfield-enabled smartphone.

Researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) have developed the world’s first holographic flexible smartphone. The device, dubbed HoloFlex, is capable of rendering 3D images with motion parallax and stereoscopy to multiple simultaneous users without head tracking or glasses. Ok, it is low-res now with 160x104 pixels, but pixel count is expected to increase dramaticcally in the near future... Video demo here under!

Holoflex 640px

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Is Samsung Preparing a Smartphone with a 3D Holographic Display?

PatentlyMobile announced last week that Samsung applied in June 2015 for a patent about a new foldable smartphone with interated hologram and projector.

After last year's Estar Takee holographic phone that won a CES award, will we soon be able to buy a Samsung holophone?

samsung2 320px

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Interactive Humagrams are Closer than Ever to True 3D Holograms

 By projecting several images on stacked semi-transparent screens, ARHT ( Beverley Hills, CA,USA and Toronto, Canada) renders its Humagrams as lifelike as possible. The technology is not cheap as it requires a lot of supoer-bright projectors; so the first customers may be retail and entertainment pros instead of you and me... Video demo here under!

 ARHT 320px

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