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Starship MZ Attacks the Chinese Market with Augmented Reality Animated Series

WingsMedia and  Tiny Island Productions (Singapore) joining forces to build the “Starship MZ” brand at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival.

Tiny Island Productions will adapt and expand their ‘Dream Defenders’ animated series for the China market with a TV series, feature film, comics and an augmented reality (AR) experience, all as part of WingsMedia’s hope to grow ‘Starship MZ’ properties into China’s Marvel Universe equivalent.

wingsmedia 640x

Dream Defenders VR

The VR App

“Imagine, after watching an episode, you can pick up your smartphone, slide it into a pair of VR goggles that cost only five dollars USD in China, and dive into the world of the show to further immerse yourselves in the story ... But this is not a 360 video. With the Dream Defenders app, when you physically look around, walk, run or jump in the real world, you will do the same in the virtual world.”

The Dream Defenders VR brings the Dream Defenders Series to a whole new experience of storytelling. It allows the audience to participate in the story. Not only it allows you to look around in 360. But you can also walk, run, jump and fight side by side with Zane and Zoey against the evil queen Icela and her momoks (The nightmare monsters) Just by staring like the cyclops in xmen, you will be able to fire laser beams at the momoks. 

Worldwide Success Expands in China

 As part of its sci-fi intellectual property strategy, WingsMedia hopes to grow Starship MZ properties into China’s equivalent of the Marvel Universe franchise. When Starship MZ launches this year, Tiny Island Productions will create content based on Dream Defenders, which will lead to a new TV series, feature film and comics, all adapted for the China market.

Distributed by Dreamworks

Tiny Island Productions’ Dream Defenders TV series, about twin siblings who discover a supercomputer that sends them into dream worlds to protect the real world against nightmare monsters, is an international success. With DreamWorks as distributor of the original series, Dream Defenders has been sold to 80 countries around the world and shown on five platforms in the United States, including Discovery Family and Amazon Prime. In Europe, it has aired on SuperRTL and Planeta Junior, and in Asia, it is on DreamWorks TV Asia across 19 countries.

About WingsMedia

SMG, a multi-media group operating radio, television, newspaper & Internet companies, is affiliated with the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group. SMG has total assets of 11.7 billion yuan & employs more than 5,200 professionals. The group was estabilished in 2001 through the merger of The People’s Radio Station of Shanghai, East Radio Shanghai, Shanghai Television Station, Oriental Television Station and Shanghai Cable Television Station. As producer and publisher of news, movies, series, entertainment, sports financial information, music & documentaries, SMG is marching ahead in both domestic and world TV markets.

WingsMedia, a rich source of Chinese language programs for all over the world, is a new company wholly invested by Shanghai Media Group. Their business ranges from distribution, agency to cooperation concerning both domestic and overseas program markets.

More Info

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Source: AnimationMagazineAWN.