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3dhippie Stereocam is the 3DSMax Stereoscopic Plug-in You Need

The 2-years old 3dhippie stereocam is a 3DStudio Max stereoscopic plug-in that received an update today his author by David Shelton (Mainz, Germany). The plug-in offers a huge range of features aimed at the professional stereographer, but there is a free version for hobbyist users with less features.

3dhippie stereocam v2 comes in two flavors: A free license for everyone, and a more advanced PRO license with a whole bunch of additional features.

 3dhippie-3dsmax-plugin 250px

Video Showcase


  • Real camera plugin: You can create and move it like a standard target camera or use a convert macro if you prefer to convert a default camera to a 3dhippie stereocam.
  • Stereoscopic Frame Buffer: Watch the viewport preview or the rendered preview inside the stereoscopic window. Switch between viewing methods (all anaglyph formats) instantly, adjust the horizontal image translation and much more.
  • Adjustable Planes: Move the nearplane, farplane or screenplane to adjust pixel values, or to adjust the stereoscopic depth.
  • Alignment (PRO): The stereocam can be aligned to left, center or right side, so you only need to render again one camera if you make adjustments. This is very useful if you want to convert old short films to 3D with less render time.
  • Pixel parallax presets: Choose from and create new pixel parallax presets to get the 3D just right.
  • Great Vray-Implementation: The stereocam can be switched to VRay with the click of a button and implements both commonly used techniques: Two physical cameras or the stereoscopic helper. You can switch between those modes at any time, or even combine them.
  • Horizontal overscan (PRO): Render your images wider without affecting the field of view and have the ultimate control over your depth in the post.
  • Net rendering: Send jobs to the network just like any other camera.
  • Stereoscopic viewport preview: Watch your viewport in 3D while working. All changes will be reflected in the stereoscopic window (not realtime).
  • Stereoscopic player connection (PRO): Utilize the power of the stereoscopic player from .View and adjust either your stereoscopic viewport preview or the rendered results from within the Stereoscopic player. This offers even MORE compositing types (e.g. quad-buffered openGL, 3dvision, iz3d).
  • Realtime zero parallax adjustments (PRO): Adjust the zero parallax even after you rendered! Just shift the images until the desired depth placement is reached, hit „sync“ and the rig will accommodate to your changes.
  • Stereoscopic animated viewport sequence (PRO): Make an animated viewport sequence in full-HD. You can generate a 3D-Clip or use the stereoscopic player connection to view the clip.

David Shelton

David Shelton is a character artist and freelance scripter. His strengths are modelling and texturing and he is currently working on a 3D stereoscopic feature film. He is nevertheless available for freelance job offers.

He studied media design at the university of applied sciences and worked at Related Designs studios, doing character art on the Dawn of discovery game.

How to get 3DHippie

Download or buy 3DHippie (or just drop a visit for more info) at