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Create Your 3D Web Site with Orbcreation

Orbcreation is a new platform that allows individuals, charities and businesses to create their own stereoscopic 3D virtual world websites. , has gone live.Based on the Unity 3D platform Orbcreation allows you to create unique 'Second Life' style 3D environments using pre-built templates via a drag and drop interface.

It will be later possible to design your own elements, or ‘Orblets’, using free 3D modeling tools such as Google Sketchup, and event to submit your 3D objectss for other Orbcreation users to purchase.

Orbcreation 250px

Orbcreation will monetise its services via hosting fees and a revenue sharing model retailing user generated Orblets.

In a similar way to, users can avoid any fees by self-hosting their Orbcreation websites but there are a range of hosting plans offered from $5.95 up to $24.95 per month for virtually unlimited uploading and up to 100 simultaneous avatar support.

Visit Orbcreation and try it now! Note that you will be asked to install Unity 3D as a broser plug-in if you don't have it already installed. In case you have an nividia 3D vision workstation, you will directly access the Orbcreation web site in 3D; put your glasses on!