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Google Streetview 3D and Google Earth 3D

Google Maps 3D

Since May 2011, Google Maps and specifically its StreetView service are 3D enabled. Just go to and try this:

1) Select the small character on the left then drag it to any street.

2) If the street under the cursor turns blue, release the mouse button and a view of the surroundings appears.

3) You may navigate within the omnidirectional space and watch houses, traffic lights, and landscapes all around.

4) Put on your red/cyan anaglyph glasses and press "T" on the keyboard.

5) Bingo! You are navigating in 3D stereoscopic ...

Streetview 250px

Here, we discover this strange bicycle in front of the Google offices in Mountain View:

Google-street-view-3D 250px

Google Earth 3D

After Google Maps, it is now Google Earth that is 3D enabled: if you have Nvidia 3DVision glasses and the latest Nvidia drivers, just start Google Earth and it will appear in 3D using your glasses. This feature is not listed in the Google Earth menus, you just need to ensure 3D is enabled in the Nvidia 3D parameters.

Google Earth 3D Surround

If you are fortunate enough to own the big Nvidia 3D Surround setup, i.e. three 3D stereoscopic screens connected to a dual Nvidia GeForce 570 connected by SLI, then you may use all your three screens at the same time to display the earth in 3D. Watch the short demo here under:

Google Maps - StreetView 3D video

Here is a tutorial about the Google Maps Streetview 3D feature: