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YUVsoft Depth from Motion demonstrated at IBC

YUVsoft (Moscow, Russia) offers a range of 2D to 3D conversion software. Their video processing suite includes Depth from Motion, an after Effects (CS5 or later) plug-in automating the depth map generation from moving sequences.

One of the most important steps in 2D to 3D conversion is the creation of an accurate relative depth map. As lots of sequences include some form of camera motion, YUVsoft's clever algorithms use the motion between images to compute the relative depth of each of the moving objects.

YUVsoft-1-250px Original scene

YUVsoft-8-250px Depth map

YUVsoft's Depth from Motion uses multiparameter projective transformations to analyse camera motion ensuring that zoom, scene rotation and camera pans are correctly processed.Slow motion scenes are automatically detected the process continue to work flawlessly.

The first picture above is from a 2D input sequence. The second one shows the final depth map created from camera motion during the shot. To reach that result, several steps are needed. The first step is to estimate motion from the first four frames and to use the obtained motion vectors to compute the camera motion parameters.

YUVsoft-4-400px Motion vectors

At the next step, foreground and background objects are detected using the camera motion vectors. The closer an object stands to the camera, the faster he moves, and thus the whiter it is on a resulting depth map. Here again, a special approach for slow motion video sequences increases the interval between the frames used to obtain the motion vectors.

The sky detection uses several parameters visible in the Sky Detection Toolbar. Sky Detection option helps to detect the sky boundaries automatically , a very useful feature for outdoor motion scenes. The sky appears in black in the final Depth map as it is the farthest object in the scene.

YUVsoft-5-400px The Sky Detection Toolbar

The final step is the depth map generation where options allows automatic smoothing and filtering of the resulting map. The interface visible here under shows where you can control the post-processing parameters.

YUVsoft-6-400px Depth map generation

The image here under shows the depth map before postprocessing (left) and the final processed version (right).

YUVsoft-7-400px Before and after postprocessing

The YUVsoft Depth from Motion After Effects plug-in is an efficient way to obtain a true relative depth from shots including camera motion. The algorithm supports the most difficult  motion types, including camera pan, rotation and zoom. Slow motion scene handling is included. The generated depth maps are ready for use by other tools such as Depth Propagation (also from YUVsoft).

For further information please visit YUVsoft at IBC 2011 from 9 to 13 September (booth 11.F74).