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3D Photos Possible with iPhone7 Plus Dual Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus camera offers many features not available on the standard 7 model, and now the ProCam 4 app is using the phone’s dual cameras in an innovative way to produce stereoscopic images displayed as wigglegrams.

 procam4 640px


How to Shot in 3D with ProCam 4

Wiggle 3D is a photography technique that, when properly implemented, overcomes a fundamental limitation of monocular cameras by creating an illusion of depth. It tricks the brain into reconstruct depth. The wiggle 3D effect relies on quickly animating a left and a right image captured with a slight shift representing the space between the human eyes. This creates a sense of depth due to 1) the displacement of the apparent position of an object (also known as parallax) and 2) the blocking of background objects (also know as occlusion). The advantage of wiggle 3D is that no glasses or a special equipment is required.

For best results, hold the camera still, shoot in bright lighting conditions, and frame your subject no less than 2 feet away from the camera. A front perspective and a level scene enhance the effect. Use ProCam's level grid. Portraits work particularly well, provided that the subject remains still during capture.

More Info

ProCam 4 offers many more features, including persepective correction, 4K photography, Slow Shutter, Time Lapse, etc. Learn more about ProCam4 here.

Download ProCam 4 on the Appstore ($4.99).

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Source: Forbes, Procamapp.