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Stunning women in 3D

 It is the first anniversary of the apparition of "Gorgeous Women in3D" on Flicker and YouTube. Revealed by XtraDefinition3D, this collection of high resolution stereoscopic pictures and paintings is one of the most popular of the internet. With 500 views per day on YouTube, the collection intermixes original 3D views and painstakingly hand-made 2D to 3D conversions.

Gorgeous-Women-3D 250px

The YouTube 3D slideshow here under is best viewed on a HTML5-enabled browser (i.e. the last version of Firefox) and active 3D glasses, but you may appreciate already the 3D effect with your good old red-cyan anaglyph glasses as well. In the video below, click on the "Gorgeous women in 3D (yt3d)" link to enjot 3D in an external window.

From the same XD3D large collection of Flickr, we selected the "Centurion" hand-made conversion, carefully explained here.

Centurion:  As with all civilisations, nations & empires, its not how strong you are, its what you stand for that counts , it is these values, not military might & brute force, that determines longevity & prosperity. Many things have been said about the Romans, the recent film released 2010 entitled Centurion is a good example, as was Spartacus, and the birth & life of Jesus Christ. When all is said & done the Romans lasted an aweful long time, they must have been doing something right. There demise was started with the emergence of a movement that put forth to mankind a much higher set of values, not a stronger military force. That movement is Christianity. The Roman civilisation tried to Adapt, tried to absorb, but its decline was inevitable. The Catholic Church is what remains of the Roman branch of Christianity.

2D: Here under are the original painting: Bursting out of the Colosseum, on the left you have the elements of history and tradition, and on the right you have the future, which looks like a space craft, and in the middle you have the Centurion, signalling, forward...the past and future being lead by the present, how it should be.

centurion-original 512px

3D: After 3 to 4 days to complete the hand conversion, the 3D painting here under was obtained. Intermadiate steps were captured as well so you may appreciate the work under way in this slideshow. Here under the converted Centurion.

centurion-3D 512px

Visit Centurion on the author's Flickr site here.