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3D Panoramic Picture Sets New World Record

Volker Kuchelmeister presented in Karlsruhe (Germany) the largest 3D panoramic picture ever produced. Called Juxtaposition, this work explores connections between two seemingly radical different environments, the Tasmanian wilderness and extreme urban development in Hong Kong.  The result is a stereoscopic 3D giga-pixel panorama montage, constructed from 20 separate scenes and on-location sound recordings. The contact points between panoramas are shaped as seamless transitions. The work is presented within a 360º cylindrical screen in stereoscopic 3D or as a filmic version.

The 3D giga-pixel panorama montage is around 80,000 pixel long. Explore an anaglyph version of Juxtaposition and a video report here under.


 The premiere of Juxtaposition was at the ZKM Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe in the Panoramalabor, a 360 degree cylindrical and stereoscopic 3D projection environment. The long panorama montage or landscape slowly rotates within the cylinder, whereas new sections are constantly revealed and others disappear. The duration of this loop about 8 min.

There is an interesting effect on ones perception while watching the work slowly spin within the panoramic screen. The real physical space in the exhibition and one's orientation in it give way to the virtual landscape in the panoramas. Leaving visitors somehow confused about their location and orientation. I will explore this phenomena further in future projects.

Juxtaposition has a size of 78,228 x 1,080 pixels so it will be difficult to put the whole image online. However, you can explore two reduced resolution versions of Juxtaposition here under: a small section in half-resolution (3,000 x 540) or the whole set in a scaled down version (17,384 x 240), the last one directly on the author's web site. Red/Cyan glasses are required to enjoy the 3D effect.

juxtaposition in anaglyph (2,000 pixels section) (half-res short section 3,000 x 540)

juxtaposition full (whole set scaled down 4.5 times, 17,384 x 240)

Another version of Juxtaposition is a stereoscopic 3D film (duration ~12 min), where the panorama montage slowly scrolls behind the screen frame.

Source : Volker Kuchelmeister