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The World's First Stereoscopic 8K 60 fps Movie

Sky-Skan’s educational, 25-minute documentary, “To Space & Back,” which first opened in March to critical and public acclaim at the Fels Planetarium (The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia), will be re-released in September 2013 in a new version that, at 8K resolution, stereoscopic 3D and high frame rate 60 frames per second (60fps), pushes the technical boundaries of digital cinema to an extreme as yet unrivaled by any commercial movie exhibition.

To Space & Back is a joint production of Sky-Skan and The Franklin Institute. To Space & Back was created specifically for digital dome cinema (“fulldome”). The new release will deliver hyper-real, scientific visualizations in acute detail, clarity and depth without picture stutter or motion blur. It will premiere to the industry in 4K/60 fps/stereo 3D on September 5-7, 2013 at the Fulldome Film Festival of Imiloa Astronomy Center (Hawaii), and subsequently to the public in 8K/60 fps/3D at Macao Science Center (Macao is a special administrative region of China, more or less like Hong-Kong).

to-space-and-back 250px

To Space and Back

Annette Sotheran-Barnett, director, comments, “To Space & Back uses the dome cinema space as an immersive environment rather than just a curved movie screen, and breaks new technological ground in terms of image capture and rendering. The night sky in 8K closely matches the detail and clarity of skies produced by optical-mechanical projection, providing a backdrop that feels close to the real thing – and setting a new benchmark for fulldome shows.

The science team included Pitts, Rob Landis of NASA, Jack White, Mike Sperry (DigitalSky 2), Martin Ratcliffe, Claude Ganter and Joanna Kimball.

Who is Sky-Skan?

To Space & Back represents the latest addition to Sky-Skan’s ever-growing library of content for fulldome playback, which includes in-house productions as well as third-party shows; the complete catalog totals some 125 titles. Successful Sky-Skan productions include the “Awesome Light” series and DomeFest 2012 Grand Prix winner “Relentless Night.”

Sky-Skan is a Nashua, NH, USA company inspiring kids to grow into the next generation of scientists and engineers. They’ve put stereoscopic 3D domes and planetariums on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, in dozens of museums and science centers, in classrooms from high schools to Notre Dame University, and even on the White House south lawn. Visit Sky-Skan for more details.

The Fels Planetarium and The Franklin Institute

The Fels' Planetarium is the nation's second oldest planetarium. Although it is a historic cornerstone to The Franklin Institute, the planetarium has come a long way from the "Giant Ant" (Zeiss Optical) projector. Now, the state-of-the-art digital projection planetarium offers the same traditional Sky Tonight presentations along with cutting edge astronomical presentations. The awe inspiring dome measures 60 feet across and 4 stories tall, which coupled with surround sound, makes the planetarium experience one you will not soon forget. Visit for more information.

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