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Flight of the Butterflies 3D

The shooting of Flight of the Butterflies 3D is now wrapped in Mexico and post production is under way. Flight of the Butterflies will premiere in September of 2012 in stereoscopic 3D format.

 Fligth-of-the-butterflies 250px

Half a Billion Butterflies as Movie Actors

Interweaves the story of the monarch butterfly migration, the longest most amazing insect migration on the Planet Earth, and the fascinating scientific detective story of the 30 year long search for their remote overwintering sites in Mexico.

Every Fall half a billion Monarch butterflies head south on an epic three thousand mile journey. We invite you to soar a mile high alongside one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world, as we follow this incredible migration. From Canada through the US to Mexico, they unite these countries and cultures as children watch the skies with wonder. During the spring’s return flight north we encounter other fascinating critters. Bumblebees collecting pollen in flower meadows, thousands of mayflies hatching on the Mississippi river, farmer ants, and sheperding caterpillars up trees and milking them of honeydew. The award winning film production team follows up on the smash success of Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure with a new film about yet more amazing tiny creatures on the giant screen in 3D and 2D.

An International Coproduction

The film is an international co-production headed by veteran 3D producer Jonathan Barker of SK Films, with the U.K.'s Mike Slee (SK's previous release, Bugs 3D!) directing and writing, along with co-writer Wendy MacKeigan. Mike Slee and Rafael Cuervo are the U.K. and Mexican co-producers. 

Spot-the-Lupin 400px

Many of the words of Dr. Urquhart in the film are from the famous 1976 National Geographic article published shortly after the discovery, from his subsequent book and from extensive radio interviews. The only surviving member of the discovery team, Catalina Aguado Trail, has provided the team with rich and detailed information about her time with the Urquharts and her search with Ken, as well as guidance to the actress portraying her. 

The project has major financial support from the National Science Foundation, with the extensive Educational Outreach Program being created by our education partner The Maryland Science Center with the participation of The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. The world's top monarch butterfly experts, including Dr. Chip Taylor, Dr. Karen Oberhauser and Dr. Lincoln Brower, are serving as scientific advisors.

The Teaser (in 2D)

The flight of the Butterflies's trailer is visible on

The Flight of the Butterflies 3D has its dedicated web site.

About SK Films Inc.

SK Films Inc. is a Toronto-based, multi-platform entertainment content provider and a leader in 3D film production and distribution. The company was founded in 1998 together with the late Robert Kerr, the visionary co-founder of IMAX Corporation. Visit SK Films for info on their other productions.

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