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Panasonic surfs on the Avatar wave

Panasonic, the electronics manufacturer has been focusing on bringing 3-D technology into homes for awhile now. In 2010, Panasonic hopes to release a stereoscopic 3-D plasma home theater system that will replicate the experience of going to an actual movie theater with special TVs and Blu-Ray players. Avatar could be the first film released on Blu-Ray disc. Paste Magazine just reported the Panasonic-James Cameron ad venture. Read it here.



A newpaper in french on the Panasonic-Cameron association is published in La presse Canadienne. Read it here.

Na'vi are blue and armed with bows...

The new age is coming...

Blue aliens, 10ft tall and armed with bows and arrows, are set to change our world. The extraterrestrial Na’vi are not only the stars of a forthcoming blockbuster film called Avatar, the director James Cameron’s first big movie since Titanic, but also harbingers of a new age of cinema. Read the feelings from Jean Harlow and Helen Brooks in the TimesOnLine here.


August 21st is "Avatar Day"

The event of the year will be the Avatar release on December 18th, 2009. But selected audience will be allowed to see 15 minutes of the new James Cameron's movie. On the same day, Fox will relase the first images. More details in english here. And in French here, too!