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A movie to die for

A 42-year-old Taiwanese man with a history of high blood pressure has died of a stroke likely triggered by over-excitement from watching the blockbusterAvatar in 3D, a doctor says. This info was reported by the Australian web site SMH here.


Hybride, a Canadian special effects company worked on Avatar too

A very large number of people contributed to Avatar's success (over 2 Billion dollars revenue, one Golden Globe, now 8 BAFTA nominations, and maybe one or more Oscar this year -nominations to be announced today). As an example, Hybride Technologies, a Quebec, Canada company and an Ubisoft division contributed to 114 stereoscopic shots for Avatar. Their work includes set extensions, animating on-screen computer data as well as designing and animating virtual characters mostly in the Link Room.


Hybride web site is here

Avatar Miniature Collectibles

Sideshow collectibles launches a series of Avatar collectibles. Not cheap, but exclusive! As an example, have a look on the AMP suit that can be yours for less than 1,200 USD.


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Avatar Makeup Tutorial in 10 Seconds

We coudn't resist to lead you to this small gem on YouTube which got almost as many viewers per day as Avatar....


Avatar is Worldwide Box Office #1 of all times!

Avatar sinks Titanic's record and makes the titles in many cinema publications. Read the Guardiaan paper here.


Note that the record is in dollars and do not take money inflation into account. With adjustment for inflation, the record is still far from reach. It's eclipsed by the likes of 1939's Gone With the Wind, a film that grossed $400m worldwide, which equates to at least $6bn in today's money, more than three times Avatar's figure. But who knows...