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Hyperstereoscopic Timelapse Video

A new "Hyperstereoscopic Timelapse Video" released in 3D by its author, Takashi Sekitani (Japan) in December 2011 remind us that some words request some explanations:

"Hyperstereosopic" means that a 3D video is taken with an interaxial distance between cameras far larger the the human eye's distance of 65mm.In the 3D video here under, cameras were placed apart about 3 to 15 meters (10 to 50 feet). With that kind of setup, the world is  seen through the eyes of a giant and thus appears as a miniature world. This effect is called "Dwarfism". Symetrically, "hypostereoscopic" occurs when the video is taken  with cameras only a few millimeters apart giving an effect called "Gigantism", as if the world was seen through a mouse' eyes.

"Timelapse" is the opposite of slow-motion video: you take one picture every second or every minute, and you replay it at the usual 24 frames per second. All movements are accelerated several times so you can observe the world as if time is flowing far faster thant it is.

 timelapse-Sekitani 250px

For the best effect, the 3D video here under needs to be played in 1080p resolution and on a large screen (full screen mode of course). Use the "download" feature of Youtube and download the highest possible resolution, then use Stereoscopic Player for playback with your favorite 3D method.

The Timelapse video footage here under was shot in stereoscopic 3D by takashi3D from StereoEye and  taken at Tottori Sanddune, Onomichi, Beppu Hotsprings, Naruto bridge, Saga Balloon Festival.., by using two synched DSLR cameras placed apart about 3m to 15m for hyper stereoscopic.