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3X3D, a 3D Stereoscopic Feature from Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Greenaway, and Edgar Pera

Rodrigo Areias (Fundaçao Cidade de Guimaraes, Portugal) will produce an innovative stereoscopic 3D feature film made of three humoristic short movies. Actually in postproduction, the movie is supposed to be ready for the Cannes Festival in May.

The Three Disasters by Jean-Luc Godard, a short film about the historical memory of the 3D.

Just in Time One by Peter Greenaway where space is crossed by various layers of time; 900 years of compiled history.

Cinesapiens by Edgar Pera is a short history of the Cinema viewer, from the cave to silent cinema, through sound to colour and from stereoscopic 3D to holocinema.

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3x3D Synopsis

Three directors who will explore 3D and its evolution in the field of cinema. How does 3D affect the spectator's place and transversal perceptions? Three films exploring the evolution of the spectator and time.



The lynchpin of the French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard was arguably the most influential filmmaker of the postwar era. Beginning with his groundbreaking 1959 feature debut A Bout de Souffle, Godard revolutionized the motion picture form, freeing the medium from the shackles of its long-accepted cinematic language by rewriting the rules of narrative, continuity, sound, and camera work. Later in his career, he also challenged the common means of feature production, distribution, and exhibition, all in an effort to subvert the conventions of the Hollywood formula to create a new kind of film.

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An avant-gardist who earned surprising access to the mainstream, Peter Greenaway is among the most ambitious and controversial filmmakers of his era. Trained as a painter and heavily influenced by theories of structural linguistics, ethnography, and philosophy, Greenaway’s films traversed often unprecedented ground, consistently exploring the boundaries of the medium by rejecting formal narrative structures in favor of awe-striking imagery, shifting meanings, and mercurial emotional tension; fascinated by formal symmetries and parallels, his material displayed an almost obsessive interest in list-making and cataloguing, earning equal notoriety for its provocative eroticism as well as its almost self-conscious pretentiousness.

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Edgar Henrique Clemente Pêra is a Portuguese cinematographer. He enrolled in the Escola de Cinema do Conservatório Nacional (presently Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) in 1980, with a concentration in film editing. He is known as an experimental film director in the neuro-punk genre, working in documentaries, and short and long film and video productions. He is also a graphic comic artist. His directorial debut occurred in 1990 at the Portuguese festival.

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Source: Mubi, le Figaro (in French).