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CineSapiens 3D

Director Edgar Pêra and Portugese actor Nuno Melo just finished shooting a 3D stereoscopic short movie in the city of Guimarães (Portugal), the 2012 European capital city of culture.

The "CineSapiens 3D" short film is roduced by Rodrigo Areias and portrays the journey of a man going from the prehistoric caves of silent films, to talkies, color, and finally  to 3D stereoscopic cinema and the holocinema of the future. The movie tries to reflect on the evolution of movies in three dimensions and its validity in today's cinema.

Nuno-Melo-CineSapiens 250px

Maybe a longer version in the future?

This 3D short initiative proposes to expand the projet to a full feature movie that may be helmed by two big names, Jean-Luc Godard and Peter Greenaway. The long version should explorer the dichotomy between 3D in previous decades and the cinema of today. If the project goes through, expect to be amazed by the two avant-garde directors....


Edgar Pêra is on IMDB. Nuno Melo is also on IMDB.

Cinesapiens 3D's very first images are available on the movie's Facebook page. Shooting took place between august 27 and September 2, 2012 in the Jordan Theatre in Guimarães (Portugal).