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The Worst 3D Film Ever

Bad movies are as old as the movie industry. Stereoscopic 3D movies fans have seen a lot of not-so-good 3D films... But there will be no dispute about the "Worst 3D Film Ever" awarded to the Polish movie "Kac Wawa". Even the poster -visible here- is worth a "Worst Poster Award"...

 Kac Wawa was produced by Syrena Film (Warsaw, Poland), directed by Lukasz Karwowski, and stars Borys Szyc, Sonia Bohosiewicz and Roma Gasiorowska. It was released in Poland, UK and maybe some other countries in March 2012 but was promptly removed from screens as the film was universally panned by critics and failed at the box office. Feature length: 100 minutes.

KacWawa-poster 250px

Kac Wawa Trailer in 3D

(Welcome to the exclusive club of Kac Wawa viewers; this video looks rather confidential)

Note: The "Making of" video is also visible on YouTube in 3D and has been watched 10 times more than the abovre trailer!

Kac Wawa (2D Full Version) is available on YouTube

It seems that all hopes to make money with Kac Wawa vanished quickly as the wholoe movie is now available on YouTube (but only in 2D).


Lots of critics and viewers reacted negatively. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia "Kac Wawa" page:

The critical reception was almost exclusively negative. Virtually every single aspect of the film was criticized, including the dialogues, characters, acting, elements of comedy, and script. Tomasz Raczek, one of the best known Polish critics, wrote in his review:

"So I came to see the movie KAC WAWA and I've got to admit, I don't remember the last time I felt so embarassed at the cinema. This isn't just a bad movie. This movie is like a disease, like a malignant tumor: it kills the faith in cinema and respect for actors."

Make your own mind

Kac Wawa is on IMDB (1.8/10 rating today); Lukasz Karwowski is on IMDB too.'s critics advice : "We recommend abstinence".

Syrena Films's web site continues to advertise Kac Wawa.