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Jeunet is Shooting "Spivet" in 3D with Alexa M on CPG Rigs

Veteran film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("Ameli", "Delicatessen") has embraced 3D technology for his upcoming film “The Young and Prodigious Spivet.” Cinematographer Thomas Hardmeier is lensing the project that is currently shooting in Canada.

Hardmeier and Jeunet choose Arriflex Alexa camera systems for their strong colour rendering, latitude and cinematic qualities. They waited for the Alexa ‘M’ camera system, which has reduced the size and weight of the Alexa 3D stereoscopic rigs by 20%, for greater mobility on location.

alexa-M-CPG-Rig 250px 

The Story

"Spivet" turns on a 12-year-old boy with extraordinary skills -and a cartography enthusiast- who leaves his eccentric family in Montana and takes off on a cross-country adventure on board a freight train to the Smithsonian Museum to receive a prize. Newcomer Kyle Catlett will star as Spivet; Callum Keith Rennie has been cast as his father.

Have a glimpse of the novel's story in the short video here under:

Jean-Pierre Jeunet described the movie as character-driven in the vein of "Amelie" but with some more spectacular 3D vfx and scenery.

The new Compact CPG / Alexa Rig

I’m incredibly pleased to be debuting the Alexa ‘M’ in 3D with the support of ARRI and CPG.” affirms Ben Gervais (Engineer and Systems Supervisor), “Our main 3D rig is now comparable in size to a 35mm camera with a 1000 foot magazine. This allows a whole new level of agility while still capturing images of the highest artistic quality - we’ve shot days with more set-ups than some 2D features. Up to this point, if a production had to be more mobile it has meant sacrificing quality or reliability, with the Alexa-M, that’s no longer an issue – it has definitely saved us time.

Production and Release date

The stereographer in charge will be Demetri Portelli, known for his work on Scorsese's Hugo Cabret. The producers are Epithete, Tapioca Films, (Jeunet's Paris, France based own company), and Filmarto.

Shooting will take place in Canada from end of June. Release is tentatively scheduled for October 2013. "The Young and Prodigious Spivet" is on IMDB.

Contact: The Reel Workers Film Company Inc.