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PS3 3D Headset (not so) soon ?

Sony are already experimenting with PS3 support for their new virtual reality 3D headset and FPS headtracking is just one of the exciting possibilities the device opens up. As far as we know, the HMZ-T1 Sony 3D headset debuted at CES in January 2011 but may not be available before Xmas 2011...


The Sony 3D headset Features a 1280×720 OLED screen for each eye, as well as virtual surround sound.

Mick Hocking, Senior Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios and head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios 3D developer team  said : ”it’s very exciting to think about what we could do with head mounted displays in the future with things like the Move Controller where you could look down and see the gun in your hand, look up and look around the scene.”


The technology may be the future of 3D gaming, but Sony will probably hold off on producing the headset until PS4 consoles are on the market.

The HMZ-T1 comes with a processor unit that is used to connect to various sources, such as Blu-ray 3D players and PS3 consoles. The processor unit is equipped with one HDMI output and one pass-through output. The built-in HDMI output switcher enables both the head mounted display and a television to be connected to the processor unit at any given time, thereby allowing the user to switch between devices for their desired output destination. The processor unit and the HMD are connected together with a single cable, which integrates the audio and video signals with the power source.

The device’s control key (located behind the front) is used to control the volume and basic operations (such as playback, pause, fast forward, rewind, previous chapter, next chapter) of any connected devices with HDMI CEC control function. Settings for the picture quality and audio quality can also be performed via on-screen menus.

Read more in or in Xbit. ( text updated in September 2011)