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Live Planet Miniature 360° Stereoscopic VR Camera Streams Live From Everywhere

Designed to capture video at the same interpupillary distance of 95% of the world’s population, the LIVE PLANET Camera produces Natural VR — 3D stereoscopic 4K 30 fps VR delivered the way we naturally and comfortably see the world.

LivePlanet 640x

The Camera

The Live Planet system starts with a tiny 360-degree camera equipped with 16 lenses capturing stereoscopic video, with NVIDIA silicon on board powering it. The system is aimed squarely at the professional market just vacated with Nokia’s decision to end development of the OZO camera. The Live Planet camera costs around $10,000, which is a fraction of OZO’s price. 

The camera stitches footage on-board and streams a finished stereoscopic file over Wi-Fi, ethernet or USB. It can be operated locally or through the Web, allowing for its settings to be easily adjusted through a Web page.

Who Is Live Planet?

Startup Live Planet plans to deliver its first cameras in December as part of an end-to-end stereoscopic 360-degree video platform aimed at making it easier for creators to stream live high-quality content. Live Planet is led by serial entrepreneur Halsey Minor, who largely self-funded this company after a long track record at the start of businesses like CNET,  Salesforce and GrandCentral (which later became Google Voice). With 360-degree video, he’s intimately aware of the failures of other products on the market, including Nokia’s OZO, and aims to succeed through a combination of high-quality hardware and easy-to-use software.

More Info

Visit LivePlanet for details.

Source: UpLoadVR.