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Insect 3D Vision Mimicked with 4mm Stereoscopic Camera

Visionsense (Philadelphia, USA) has developed a 3D HD camera that optically maps the surgical field. The technology imitates the eye of a bee: a single sensor divided into hundreds of thousands of tiny eyes looking in different directions, using an array of micron-sized elements. The elemental information is translated using advanced proprietary software into the left eye and right eye images. The result is a clear stereoscopic view, which bypasses the diffraction limit that restricts all current miniature cameras. A 3D Video sample visible here under (in 3D).

visionsense camera 320px

Ready for Small Diameters Endoscopes

Visionsense is the First and Only 3D-HD System with Endoscopes in Small Diameters. The 3D-HD camera delivers:

• Dynamic Focus
• Single touch recording and snapshots
• Programmable surgeon profile settings
• 3X-Zoom
• Lightweight 3D camera design that’s ergonomically facile
• Universal 2D Scope Adapter
• Scalable viewing image
• Sterilizable – STERRAD™
• Electronic scope type detection
• Advanced Software for enhanced image quality
• 2D mode
• Digital image flip (180°) for scope light post positioning

Try 3D Endoscopic Vision

If your computer is Flash-enabled, you may access the Youtube video in 3D here.

Be careful: Contrary to usual practice, with anaglyph glasses, you will have to put the red glass on your right eye and the blue one on the left.

About VisionSense

Visionsense technology delivers novel visualization solutions that bring natural HD (High Definition) stereoscopic sight to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). With advanced sensor technology and proprietary software, the Visionsense system delivers depth perception, HD resolution images and manoeuvring flexibility through the smallest access diameters.