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Stesco Takes 3D Pics and Vids With Two iPhone 5/5s/6

Use the Stesco rig and the Stesco App to Make high quality 3D stereoscopic photos and videos with two iPhones. Easy to use, amazing to watch. Stesco will be available soon on Kickstarter.

UPDATE : The Kickstarter campaing is open. Clcik here.

Stesco 320px


Stesco is a hard case with two sockets on the opposite ends, which securely hold and align two iPhones (5/5s or 6) together on the exact same plane at a specific distance (where the goal is to duplicate natural human vision and give a visual impression as close as possible to actually being there), allowing shooting in a true stereoscopic technique. It works with iPhones 5/5s and 6, holding them safely along the same line while allowing you access to control the operations.

Stesco 2 320px

The two models, for iPhone 5/5s and 6, will be made out of molded ABS. 

Stesco comes with a 1/4" steel mounting thread, so you can easily attach it onto any tripod or a selfie stick for amazing stable 3D videos.  Watch Kickstarter soon!

Anaglyph Sample

This stereoscopic picture requires Red/Cyan glasses with red on the left  eye, and blue on the right, the same way as 99% of red/cyan anaglyph pictures you may find on the web.


About Stesco

Stesco (Israel) is on the web, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Their kickstarter campaign video is already online:

More Info

For more info, visit Stesco or Kickstarter.