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SuperHERO 3D rig Uses GoPRO Hero3 Cameras

3D Support for the GoPRO HERO3  and HERO3+ cameras is not available from the manufacturer but now excellent 3D sync is possible thanks to the "Record Cable" miracle coming with the minuscule 3D parallel rig SUPERHERO 3D from 3DGuy. 

The SUPERHERO 3D rig is 3D printed by Al Caudullo and comes in two variants: fixed (32mm) and variable (38 to 64mm) interaxial. A Mirror rig version is in the works too...

superhero-3d-rig 250x

3D Video shot with the SuperHERO 3D Rig

3DGuy is proud to present to you the "Faces of the Ghost 3D." This 3D documentary was captured using 3DGuy's Real Hero3 3D System.

The video above was shot using only the SuperHero 3D System; Edited with Edius 7 with titles created with VisTitle 2.5.

How the SUPERHERO 3D works

You put your GoPRO Hero3′s into the 3D printed rig and attach the Multi Purpose USB cables. These will make it easy to upload the software and connecting to you PC for downloading clips. It also works as a charging port for your Hero3s. But you cannot have the Hero3′s charging when you press the Record Cable Button. This way you don’t have to take them in and out of the rig.

The Record Cable starts your Hero3′s. You can use the connectors on the cable to hook up the GoPro LCD Bac’s so you can view your image. The touch screen does not work in this mode.

The software works to automatically trigger the power ON, then activates recording for a preset time length, then pauses and turns OFF. This is the only way to get the sync that you need at this time.

The trigger cable plugs in to each of the  GoPro Hero 3 or 3+. The switch activates the power and triggers the recording sequence. The script, which is loaded into the root directory of each camera contains pre-chosen record times. The script can be easily modified for any desired length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. In testing, Al Caudullo found 60 seconds to the most used record time. If you need more, just hit the button again after shut off and it starts the cycle again.

In the intermediate and advanced SUPERHERO systems the other end of each cable connects to the GoPro LCD Touch Bac display which are mounted into the SuperHero LCD Holder. This allows you to visually confirm operation and proper framing.An add on that allows for stereoscopic viewing will be released later. Currently though, you can 'free view' 3D with some practice.

Note: SUPERHERO software has been carefully checked on the GoPRO Black Edition Hero3 and Hero3+ fitted with SANDisk 32 and 64 Gb memory cards. Other versions are untested up to now.

Where to Find the SUPERHERO 3D Rig

3Guy is offering the Basic fixed interaxial SUPERHERO rig at a special $99.00 price for the 2013 Christmas period. The variable interaxial Basic version is available for $175 for the 2013 Christmas period.

SUPERHERO-hero3-3d-rig-promo-3dguy 250x

"Intermediate" and "Advanced" versions are also available with LCD holder and Handle extenders.

All versions include the trigger cable, the LCD/multipurpose cable and software required to sync two GoPRO HERO 3 cameras (cameras are not provided with the rig).

Where to find the HERO 3+ Cameras

Visit GoPRO for the three variants (white, silver, and black) of the HERO 3+. Prices go from $199.99 to $399.99 ( €249 to €449).

A 3D Mirror Rig Coming Soon

Al Caudullo from 3DGuy is actually working on the smallest mirror rig in the world. It will accept a pair of GoPRO HERO3 or HERO3+ cameras. Expect an exciting announcement in StereoscopyNews in 2014...

More Info

Visit for the latest info about the SUPERHERO rig.