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Sony PMW-TD300 Stereo Base Extender

Cyclopital3D has launched a Pro Lens Accessory System for the Sony PMW-TD300 3D camcorder. This new line of accessories enables 3D content creators to use more varied techniques and equipment to produce fantastic new 3D content. The professional grade three-piece adapter system includes a Wide-angle Lens, a Filter/Close-up Adapter and a Stereo Base Extender.


TD300SBEfront side 250px


Sony TD300 Stereo Base Extender

The Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender (SBE) is perfect for maintaining accurate depth portrayal when subjects are more distant from the camera. The camera allows you to zoom for adjusting the scale of "X" and "Y" and now, with the SBE, you can also change the scale in the "Z" dimension to increase the depth portrayed in the 3D stereoscopic images your TD300 captures. Price : 1,995$ with US shipping. Details here.

The video here under explains how it works (but with another Sony camera model).

Sony TD300 Wide-Angle Lens

TD300-WAL 250px

Having the ability to capture a wider field of view can often make the difference of whether a shoot is successful or not. This Wide-Angle Lens significantly increases the field of view seen by the camera from 47.8 (40.6mm EQFL) to 80 degrees (21.5mm EQFL) with full zoom-through capabilities. Price : 1,495$ with US shipping. Details here.

Source: Cyclopital3D