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Dolby Cinema 3D Projection is Awesome!

"Dolby Cinema" is the name of the "Dolby Atmos" 3D sound and "Dolby Vision" combo. While Dolby Atmos is starting to be familiar with most of us, dolby Vision is not yet very known. But...

Dolby Vision 3D Projection

...Like IMAX-with-laser, Dolby Vision uses lasers as light sources instead of the usual high-intensity discharge bulb for stereoscopic projection. This allows 3D projection to be much brighter, and the contrast level to be much higher than with normal DLP,  increasing the brightness up to 14 foot-Lamberts  (instead of the usual 5 to 9 fL in most 3D theatres) and increasing the contrast ratio to 1,000,000:1.

dolbyvision 320px

Dolby Atmos 3D Sound

Dolby Atmos improves upon previous surround sound technologies not by simply adding more channels. Instead, it allows sounds to be dynamically placed in a 3D space. This is used to great effect when noisy objects fly over the audience; it sounds very realistic. Even with Dolby Vision, 3D reduces the brightness of the image, but because Dolby Vision starts at 31fL (106 nits) in 2D, it still delivers 14fL (48 nits) in 3D mode, more than most cinemas deliver in 2D. 

Bright 3D

Most 3D cinemas project the two images for each eye using circular polarisation in opposite directions. 3D glasses then use circular polarisation filters so that only the intended image reaches each eye. However, a bit of the image intended for the other eye tends to bleed through, especially with bright objects on a dark background. Dolby Vision uses a different system for stereoscopic 3D projection: the two projectors each use slightly different RGB primaries, and the 3D spectacles have notch filters that block the primaries used by the projector that projects the image intended for the other eye. 

Sorry, but It is Not Available Everywhere

Just like IMAX-with-laser, Dolby Vision is currently available at only a handful of cinemas around the world. In europe, two are accessible in The Netherlands, and one in Spain. In the US, nine AMC locations are listed on the Dolby Cinema page.

More Info

For az full paper explaining how Dolby vision works, visit Ars Technica. The dolby cinema web site is here.