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Teaching Aid for Common Problems in Stereo3D

The three-minutes silent stereoscopic 3D video here under is a teaching aid by Karel Bata. Feel free to download and use.

Karel said: "I first show the first shot (①) 'Raw' and explain that this is straight from camera, but I've made some minor vertical and horizontal shifts to line the images up, and a small zoom in to eliminate cropping. Can the students spot anything else that may still need correcting? I pause/repeat the video while they consider. They're unlikely to see anything relevant, but it depends on who they are. I then show 2 (②) to 9 (⑨) saying that I have introduced some kind of error in each, and ask if they can spot what it may be." Can you spot the errors?

 commonproblems 640px

The errors

  • ① Raw (no errors added)
  • ② Color differences between L & R
  • ③ One eye soft
  • ④ Vertical disparity
  • ⑤ Out of sync
  • ⑥ Rotational disparity
  • ⑦ Zoom disparity
  • ⑧ L & R reversed
  • ⑨ Raw (same as 1)

Karel then ask them to look more closely at 9 and see if they can spot any errors they missed before. There's at least three!


The most excellent Alfie Albert

About Karel Beta and The Clip

The shot in this video is fan xxtract from '3DTango'. It was recorded with two Canon 105s in SxS mode converged about 8ft away and an interaxial distance of 4 inches (10 cm).

3D Tango is a homage to Polish experimental film-maker Zbigniew Rybczyński. It takes the conceit behind his classic short Tango, where an impossible number of people enter and exit a room, and pushes it into a third dimesion.

Karel Bata is a narrative filmmaker from London,UK. Follow Karel Bata on His Vimeo channel is here.